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We have German Shorthairs, Labs, Brittany's and English Pointers at stud

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Our Stud Dogs

"Field Champion Magnum King of Aces

Call Name "King"

7 year old Male German Shorthair Pointer.

He is an AKC Field Champion. Every dog in his pedigree is a titled German Shorthair.  King will be going for His National Championship.   King is an outstanding all around dog.  Points, honors, retrieves.  Nice Looking dog and Has a real good disposition.   He will be running for High Point dog coming this spring.  He has an excellent chance.  He looks like a million dollars on his birds.  He is very honest bird dog.   If you are looking for a stud with an excellent pedigree, outstanding natural ability (point, honor, retrieve), and will throw good looking pups that will make outstanding bird dogs in the wild bird field or for field trialing in NASTRA, AKC, or just going out and having a good time in the bird field.  King may just be the dog you are looking for.   King is DNA profiled.    Not available for stud.

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English Pointer Stud Dog

White and Orange Male English Pointer: 2 Years old. Poker Straight on Point, Poker Straight when Honoring other Dogs. High Cracking Tail When Running in the Field. Level headed, Smart, Works Close or Will Stretch out if hunted on a 4 Wheeler. Brains and Style. Excellent Nose. Almost Solid White. Pheasant Hunting Machine and Cleans the Field on Bobwhite. Extra Ordinary Pointer. A Pointer with Personality and Class and that will Handle.
$500 Stud Fee


Rudy English Pointer Stud Dog from Outback Kennels

German Shorthair Pointer Stud Dog

White and Liver: 3 Year Old Male German Shorthair Pointer. Points with that High Head and Awesome Tail. Great Nose. Quick and Snappy in Field. Father is an AKC Field Champion and Son of National Champion Tonelli's Rising Son. Tucker Grandfather on Both Sides of his Pedigree is NFC Tonelli's Rising Son. Top Notch Young Stud Dog. He points with a Higher Head than any Shorthair i have owned.
$500 Stud Fee.

Tucker German Shorthair Pointer from Outback Kennels

Solid Liver Male: 3 years old. KJ is a Son of My Old Stud Dog. AKC Field Champion and 2 Time Runner Up Species Champion Magnum's King of Aces. KJ's Mother is a Dixieland Rusty Bred Female. KJ is very Stylish in the Field. Also just a Natural Natural Bird Dog. Solid on Point, Strong Natural Retrieve. Conformation Excellent. Solid Young Bird Dog that will Put Quality into your puppies.
$500 Stud Fee

KJ Stud Dog from Outback Kennels

German Shorthair Pointer Stud Dog

3 Year Old. Male German Shorthair Pointer. Solid Black. Extreme Style Running and Pointing Birds. If you like Style in your German Shorthairs this Dog is For you. Excellent Nose. Great Conformation. Awesome German and American Bloodlines. Producer of Quality Hunting Companions and Competition Bird Dogs.
$500 Stud Fee or 2 Pups.

Zee German Shorthair Pointer Stud Dog from Outback Kennels

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