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English Setter Hunting Dogs

Male English Setter: Good solid hunting dog. $2800. Call for pictures.

English Setter Hunting Dog For Sale

Lady: SOLD
Female English Setter: Born 1/8/2012. Lady is a beautiful English Setter: She is white and Orange. She has the style to be a Champion. Excellent Bloodline. Lady is very well trained. Solid on point, Force Broke to Retrieve, Collar Conditioned, Honors. This is an extremely nice
and very young English setter. Lady can Run NASTRA or walking field trials, she has an excellent nose and style to win any game that has a judge in it. They will like the looks of the female. Lady is also a FANTASTIC family companion. She is great around other dogs. She is a sweetheart of a companion. This Gal would be perfect laying in front of the Fireplace in the off season and when it comes to bird season, just turn her loose and start killing birds. $5000

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English Setter Hunting Dog For Sale

English Setter Male. BJ is 4 years old and a Completely Broke English Setter. BJ is whoa broke, whistle trained, Collar Conditioned, Retrieves
to Hand, Honors other dogs. BJ is one Fine Gun Dog. He has extreme style when pointing wild Birds. He has been hunted since he was a year old. BJ has a ton of experience on wild birds and pen raised birds. I really don't
think you could put him in a situation that he would not excel. This is one Fine Gun Dog. They just don't make them much Better. Here is a couple photo's of BJ. The one picture is just showing how steady BJ is on Point. You can drink your coffee like some people say when he is on point, or if you need somewhere to rest your gun when you are taking photo of BJ on point, know better place than just prop the gun up beside him. Maybe he could even learn to shoot birds. Real nice dog well trained experienced gun dog and he is extremely good lookin male also. Real nice Companion Dog
also. Loves People. $6500

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English Setter Hunting Dog For Sale

Sage: SOLD
Female English Setter: 2 years old. Points, Whoa Broke, Retrieves, Steady to the gun. Excellent Style on Point. Very Quick and Snappy in the
Field. She is very responsive to the Whistle and the Handler. Sage could run NASTRA, she would excellent in the Bird Dog Challenge Series. Or if you want Fine Young Wild Bird Dog and a Dog to take to the Shooting Preserve and that will put on a Show, Sage is your dog. She is a smaller female in the 40 pound Range. Sage is small but she has a heart of a Champion. SAGE IS
HOUSEBROKE. She is Loving Dog, that is great around people, other dogs and kids. She is just a fun dog to have around the house and the yard. But
when you take this girl hunting she is all business and will flat out get the job done. Extremely well trained and super nice female. $6500

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